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Stefan Lindstrom ( 

Engaged in personnel and organizational development. Human resource development and Human resource management.                                                                                                                                                  He is one of the two creators, and founder of  the behavioral test EPT – entrepreneurprofiletest.

After earning an executive MBA from the Nordic School of Management in 97/98 Stefan began working with leadership training in the business community. During these years, Stefan has developed programs in various sectors in a variety of businesses and organizations.

He has also worked as a teacher at the International School of Sales and lectures at colleges and universities. Stefan was also one of the most appreciated speakers at The International Conference on Thinking  ICOT , in Norrkoping in 2007, and again at the follow-up conference in Kuala Lumpur The 14th International Conference on Thinking ICOT, in 2009, and also in Belfast 2011- ICOT.

Lindstrom has also developed learning programs for a variety of businesses and organizations over the years. More recently his lectures focus on communication skills, presentation methods and negotiation techniques.


As well as working on assignments in individual and business developments over the past fifteen years, Stefan lectured on entrepreneurship. Lindstrom himself is an entrepreneur who became interested in how people like managers & leaders, and especially entrepreneurs, work and think.                                        Later on he became Entreprenologist.                                                                                                                      He presents his ideas on how one can benefit from their experience in the business world and for individual development as well as personnel and organizational development. And later on, in 2018, talked about at TEDx.  

This TEDx what so special about entrepreneurs   is about Lindstrom’s latest research e.g., within birth order and education levels among his 6 different archetypes. The talk is also about the answer to the question: What makes an entrepreneur? based on Lindstrom’s research and studies. Different types of entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and motivations, and with different impacts and results. Common characteristics of the different archetypes.

More research within Entreprenology  on Reserach gate  – or very latest here in





In 2005 he attended Boston University’s School of Management to study entrepreneurial management. He has pursued courses in psychology, leadership and other programs that supplement his lifelong learning policy. These included a stint at Harvard University in 2006.


As a trainer and speaker for 17 years

Lindstrom has honed his management skills. His commitment to the customer, good management practices and extensive skills gave him success and convinced him that he had some valuable skills to share with others.

So, he parlayed this experience into a new career as a management consultant and training coach. He has worked at Svensk Personalutbildning VP, Kontura International Market Manager and Affärskraft. Also as Manager of Bluegarden Academy, and Managing Director of Human League Consulting.
He is currently a sought-after speaker on the management circuit in Sweden and around the world.

Stefan Lindstrom is approved member of SAMC.

Swedish Association of Management Consultants and is working under agreement with the EU and international ethical rules appointed by FEACO (Fédération Européenne des Associations de Conseils en Organisation) och ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes).