Entrepreneur Profile Test – EPT

Der Vorschlag lautet, dass Unternehmer unterschiedliche Merkmale aufweisen, die ihnen helfen, ihre Aufgaben erfolgreich zu erfüllen. Basierend auf internationalen Untersuchungen, die fünf Profile identifizierten.

Nach meiner Zeit im Jahr 2005 an der Boston University – Entrepreneurial Institute und rund um das Bostoner ecosystem (wirtschaftlich) waren die Beobachtungen, die ich dort gemacht habe, der Ausgangspunkt meiner Forschung im Bereich Entreprenologie  Entreprenology  (die neueste Version finden Sie hier in der 

Später in den Jahren um 2007 kam ich auf meine ersten Gedanken und später auf den ersten Embryo, dass es einen sechsten geben könnte. Diese Untersuchung führte zum weltweit ersten Unternehmerprofiltest – Entrepreneurprofiletest der 2010 gestartet wurde.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Stefan Lindstrom



Entrepreneur Profile Test – EPT, gives a picture of which of the six entrepreneurial archetypes you are closest and or closest to. The behavioural and personality test EPT offers you a rich perspective on your character. This test attempts to measure your entrepreneurial tendencies. Whether you actually become an entrepreneur or not is up to you.

However, due to the EPT´s accuracy and surprisingly high, so-called face validity, more on EPT and its validation and reliability)  Also – not so many tests that are based on or partly based on self-estimates or sometimes called self-assessed –  measures response congruence. But EPT measures response congruence, and in %, which is rounded off in the nearest five or ten numbers. i.e., 60%, 70%, 85%, etc.

HR people, as well as managers, have since 2017 when intrapreneurs profiles were added – started to use it for other purposes, such as recruitment and HR such as personnel development, team development, as well as one can become an accredited user of EPT. You also get a personality profile, which you can use in your personal development, as well as in team-development, recruiting, personnel development, HR, Coaching, Mentoring, etc.

The Entrepreneur Profile Test – EPT, builds on research that led to the profiles, and the design of the test is advanced.
Use the result if it feels right for you.
You also get a personality profile that you can use for deeper improvements and personal development.

The suggestion is that entrepreneurs have different characteristics that help them succeed in their tasks. Based on international research that identified five profiles.

After Lindstrom’s time in 2005 at Boston University – Entrepreneurial Institute, and around the Boston ecosystem, it was observations he made there that was the starting point in his research. Later in the years of around 2007, Stefan came up with his first thoughts, and later on, the first embryo that there could be a sixth one. It is this research – the 6th archetype that he had the privilege to launch at The International Conference on Thinking in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 2009. And that led to the world’s first Entrepreneur Profile Test that he developed together with licensed psychologist Hans-Olle Frummerin and that was launched in late 2010.

And later on, Lindstrom talked about at TEDx.

This TEDx https://www.ted.com/talks/stefan_lindstrom_what_s_so_special_about_entrepreneurs  is about Lindstrom’s latest research within birth order and education levels among his 6 different archetypes.

The talk is also about the answer to the question: What makes an entrepreneur? based on Lindstrom’s research and studies. Different types of entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and motivations, and with different impacts and results. Common characteristics of the different archetypes.

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