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is something we all can improve. The goal is, or should be to get the audience's attention. Since humans can only think of one thing at the time – at best exchanging ideas – we need to become more interesting to our listeners than their own random thoughts. We need to ensure what we have to say is of the upmost importance to all listeners.

We think about what is at most important for us right now.

Target group:

Everyone who makes presentations to customers, colleges, suppliers, weddings etc.


A very concrete program that gives you both knowledge and proficiency.


The difference between knowing something and doing something.

  • body language
  • voice - the verbal vs the none verbal
  • how to structure different presentations
  • how to stick to time frame
  • big vs. small presentations
  • practical and concrete practice cases
  • self awareness - knowing your own strengths
  • communication and its structure
  • stageing - how to enter
  • how to prepare a successful presentation.